Open Type Domed Head Aluminium Blind Pop Rivets

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Top Class Aluminium&Carbon Steel Colored Blind Rivet for Automobile

  • Furniture Fasteners Aluminum Zinc Plated Open Type Pop Blind Rivet
  • Material: Hardened Aluminium Head & Steel Shank Mandrel,All Steel ,Stainless Steel
  • Type: Open-End Blind Pop-Style Rivets.
  • Fastening: Sheet Metal, Plastic, Wood, & Fabric.
  • Finish: Galvanized/Colored
  • Diameter: 3.2mm-4.8mm
  • Length: 6mm-25mm
  • Packing: Small box

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DIN7337 Open Type Flat Head Aluminium Pop Blind Rivets

Rivets can be used in multiple material thickness. Thisreduces inventory and eliminates opertors error.The multiple bubbled formation of the body will fill
slightly oversized orirregular holes and provide increased strength and vibration resistance.

Pop Dome Head Open End Aluminum Blind Pop Rivets

         Aluminum/Steel Blind Rivets

Color Paint Open End Type Dome Head

 Color Paint Open End Type Dome Head

Polished Stainless Steel Blind Rivet

         Polished Stainless Steel Blind Rivet

High Strength Multi Grip Type Blind Rivets

     High Strength Multi Grip Type

                 Blind Rivets 

Large Flange Head Pop Rivets

        Large Flange Head Pop Rivets

Open Type Countersunk Head Blind Rivet

      Open Type Countersunk Head Blind Rivet

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Product Size of DIN7337 Aluminum Steel Zinc Dome Head Open End Pop Blind Rivets

Blind Rivet Sizes
Common Blind Rivet Applications
Aluminium Rivet Steel Blind Rivet Countersunk Head Rivet Alloy Rivet can be used In general, blind rivets are preferred for countless applications: tractors, heavy trucks, garage doors, prefabricated metal buildings, other large assemblies, and white goods, which are consumer goods such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and stoves (at one time these durables were exclusively painted with a white enamel finish, and although they come in countless colors today, they’re still known as “white goods”).
Steel blind rivets are frequently used in oil and gas applications such as offshore rigs, mining, pipework, and tank applications because of their durability and 100 percent waterproof seal. Low-carbon steel blind rivets are excellent fasteners for containers, construction, and furniture, and high-carbon steel blind rivets are frequently used in the aerospace, automotive, and locomotive industries because of their incredible strength and ability to retain their integrity in the toughest environments. Stainless steel rivets are popular for use in the transportation and power-generation industries.
Installing a blind rivet is a simple and extremely fast process which is what gives POP rivets their excellent reputation. Installing them requires only the few simple steps listed below.
Drill a hole into the materials.
Choose a place the rivet into the two materials.
Place the Rivet Installation Tool on the mandrel of the Aluminum Blind Rivet.
Activate the tool (usually by some lever or trigger mechanism) to pull the mandrel towards the surface.
Blind Pop Rivets
Aluminum Aircraft Blind Pop Rivet Double Countersunk Head Threaded Open End Blind Rivet
Aluminum Blind Rivet Pop Rivets

What makes this set Pop Blind Rivets kit perfect?

Durability: Each set Pop rivet is crafted of high-quality material, which prevents the posibility of rust and corrosion. So, you can use this manual and Pop rivets kit even in harsh environments and be sure of its long-lasting service and easy reapplication.

Sturdines: Our Pop rivetswithstand a great amount of presure and sustain difficult atmospheres with no deformation. They can easily connect small or large frameworks and hold all the details securely in one place.

A wide range of applications: Our manual and Pop rivets easily pas through metal, plastic, and wood. As well as any other metric Pop rivet set, our Pop rivet set is ideal for home, office, garage, indoor, outwork, and any other kind of manufacturing and construction, starting from small projects to high-rise skyscrapers.

Easy to use: Our metal Pop rivets are resistant to scratches, so they are easy to keep up and clean. All these fasteners are also designed to fit manual and automotive tightening to save your time and effort.

Order our set Pop rivets to make great projects come to life with ease and a breeze.

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